Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Mark Steyvers spoke at UCSD today.  I was fortunate enough to have lunch with him and pick his brain about rank ordering using aggregated orderings from individuals.  (My goal is to make that my next project, once Lepidoptera is stable.)  Mark argued against conceptualizing the problem using voting paradigms because of Arrow's Theorem and other problems.  A very interesting read is his paper The Wisdom of Crowds in the Recollection of Order Information (PDF).  Check out the MADLab's online sorting experiment.

I'll be tweaking a couple things with the math behind the scenes on Lepidoptera.  The changes are very minor, but just a couple changes I'd like to see based on my use of the site.  One issue was that the strengths of old ratings were decaying too quickly.  I've found a good setting for it now.

Yes, I did break down and find a nice san-serif font and color gradient background.  I will grudgingly admit the site looks nicer.

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  1. I used the Franklin planner system for years. to do tasks are broken down from goals and goals are attached to primary values. A, B, C tasks (to do's) eventually C's go away and A's get done or you have to ask why not? They are really into selling paper and binders, wish they would develop better software, your sytem is eye opening and a valuble tool. I will continue using it thanks, Michael meyer