Thursday, July 12, 2007

Next Steps

As you can see, I took a first stab at arranging the site. As you can also see, I am no designer. I just wanted to get things in a general arrangement similar to what I hope the final design will look like.
The next big step is to 1) Add an account creation form. 2) Separate lists by accounts. 3) Login/logout/forgot password
Other next steps:
  • Get green check mark graphic
  • Get red exclamation graphic
  • Change add items to one big textarea
  • Fix progress bars. There should be a constant +extra slot (up to hundreds? thousands?), then 10 filled/unfilled slots. Make a subroutine.
  • Review the comparison # requirement calculations.
  • Put clear label on each number: MINIMUM IDEAL
  • Write the About page. Link to it.
  • Put the title and pic in a header for all pages.
  • Put the links in a footer for all pages.
  • Create a contact form. Link to it.
  • Don't hide the View List link. Just warn them if they did not make enough comparisons.
  • What the heck was the Stats page supposed to be?
  • Add javascript option on list view page to remove font-size trick.
  • AJAX this mfer.