Thursday, July 12, 2007

Next Steps

As you can see, I took a first stab at arranging the site. As you can also see, I am no designer. I just wanted to get things in a general arrangement similar to what I hope the final design will look like.
The next big step is to 1) Add an account creation form. 2) Separate lists by accounts. 3) Login/logout/forgot password
Other next steps:
  • Get green check mark graphic
  • Get red exclamation graphic
  • Change add items to one big textarea
  • Fix progress bars. There should be a constant +extra slot (up to hundreds? thousands?), then 10 filled/unfilled slots. Make a subroutine.
  • Review the comparison # requirement calculations.
  • Put clear label on each number: MINIMUM IDEAL
  • Write the About page. Link to it.
  • Put the title and pic in a header for all pages.
  • Put the links in a footer for all pages.
  • Create a contact form. Link to it.
  • Don't hide the View List link. Just warn them if they did not make enough comparisons.
  • What the heck was the Stats page supposed to be?
  • Add javascript option on list view page to remove font-size trick.
  • AJAX this mfer.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Minimum Comparisons and Initial List View Work Done

The app now demands a certain number of minimum comparisons before showing a link to the ranked list. The formula is somewhat arbitrary: Log base 2 (# active items) + 2 * # new items - recent comparisons - recent items marked Done. This will probably change, especially if I put some smarts into choosing the items to compare. As of now two items are simply chosen randomly.

Also, when the minimum comparison number is satisfied, a link will now appear to view the list in rank order in a new window. The next task is to get this to be the right order, at the moment it is just random.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Battles Working

The front page will now choose two random items to face off. You can choose one, and the results will be saved to the db.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Pre Alpha

LDM has progressed from proto-pre-alpha to pre-alpha.

Placeholders for all the main structures of the site have been added. Site design will be one of the last items completed, so it may look a mess for now.

L.D., the site's moth mascot is up.

One can also add up to 10 to do items to a list. There is only one list for now. Individual accounts will be added in the future.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre Launch

Check out the Large Dead Moth proto-pre-alpha!

Large Dead Moth is intended to be a small, useful, free Web app for keeping track of ALL your to-do items, and automagically prioritizing them. More details will be coming soon, but at the moment I can tell you this: The goal of Large Dead Moth is to create a fun and quick method for solving the problem we all confront every day: picking the crucial items from a large to-do list to attack first.

Right now, all it is is a Web page that says "Large Dead Moth" on it, but that will soon change.